Spring1 full review
It’s rare that I find some ‘’chi-fi’’ company to be underated, because lot of them like KZ and TRN are in fact overhyped.

BQEYZ is the exception and its a shame they do not get as much attention as other bigger chinese companies because they really stand appart in term of quality of sound AND construction. This company really take their time to design and tune the iem they make and unlike other mass production company like KZ, they do not use conterfeit housing design or cheap balanced armature make by other. Nope, they create they own audio drivers wich explain why the creation of SPRING1 take more than a year to achieve.
SOUND: 9.5/10
DESIGN: 8.5/10
VALUE: 10/10
Full artice: https://nobsaudiophile.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/bqeyz-spring1-anatomy-of-musicality-is-lush-not-clinical/

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Spring1 full review
These are great in-ears and belong in your collection unless you are deaf. That simple – go buy them!

Honestly, there were a lot of questions circling when BQEYZ announced a price-point of $139 for the Spring1 because it was such a jump from previous models. The biggest of those questions was “Do these still represent good value like the other models, or are they going to be an also-ran because of the change in price?” I can say unequivocally, the Spring1 still represents the value we have come to expect from BQEYZ and while I’d like to see a balanced cable in the mix, I can’t fault much about them. A stellar effort by a rising star in Chi-fi.
Full artice: https://audiofool.reviews/bqeyz-spring1/

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Comparison with NX7
I prefer Spring 1's mid range and bass performance. To my ears, the NX7 has a pretty lean mid range and the Spring 1 easily beats the NX7 in this area. Spring 1's bass hits harder & deeper than the NX7's followed by a slower decay. The NX7's bass is alright, it's got nice speed and decent impact but I like Spring 1's bass a little better. Overall, I think the Spring 1 is the more versatile IEM.

Soundstage-wise, I would say both the NX7 and Spring 1 have decent soundstage. Neither have holographic/huge/wide/tall soundstage like some TOTL IEMs on the market but I'm happy with both performances.
So to summarize my comparison:

Treble: NX7
Mids: Spring 1
Bass: Spring 1
Stage: tie
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why do you recommend this iem... what are the main positive points what excel outs between the spring 1 and your other iems in your collection?
Price mainly but the performance you get is also really great. If you compare the Spring 1 aginst some $1k IEMs on the market, you may end up liking the Spring 1 more. I find the Spring 1 to have a nice overall sound and I didn't find a glaring weakness with the Spring 1 like I have with other similarly-priced Chifi IEMs in the past years. I really think we are seeing better products at the same/lower price point compared to the past years.
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