Hong Kong Authorised Goods Warranty

AGSOUND HK (“公司”)為其出售的產品提供一年香港行貨保養年期,開始生效日期為所發出之收據/發票日期。


  1. 此維修保養服務只適用於官網agsoundhk.com官方銷售點購買之香港行貨。
  2. 請電郵到 [email protected] 或致電6537 7991 聯絡AGSound 顧客服務部,我們會提供專員於指定地點收取需回收的貨品。
  3. 我們會為保養期內非人為損壞的貨品進行免費維修/更換有壞零件服務,申請維修時必須出示有效的收據/發票及原裝保用標籤貼紙,否則本公司有權不提供有關之服務。
  4. 免費保修服務並不包括以下情況:
      • 貨物出門7日後,產品之任何部份有生銹、水漬、腐蝕、灼燒、凹凸、損毀、不完整的零件。
      • 人為意外、疏忽、插入不適當的線材、擅自修理或改裝所造成之損壞;使用不當或電流過大器材(播放器/前端等)或器材本身之不正常運作所引致之直接或間接損壞。
      • 因自然災害等不可抗力(如地震、火災、水災、颱風、雷擊等)原因造成的故障或損壞。
      • 遺失收據/發票或原裝保用標籤被撕除、塗改或不完整。
  5. 收費維修起點為$140港元,用作運費及檢查費。
  6. 經更換後之任何損壞零件,將歸本公司所有,本公司不會負責因維修時所致外殼花痕損壞。
  7. 有任何爭議,本公司擁有最終決定權。



(顧客需於接到通知的30天內領回產品。AGSOUND HK可自行處置通知後90天仍未領取之產品。)

AGSOUND HK (“Company”) provide one year Local WarrantyWarranty start date: The date of purchase of a valid invoice.

Warranty Terms & Condition:

  1. This Maintenance Regulation is only valid for the product sold in HK official online store – agsoundhk.com or the authorised retail store in HK.
  2. Please contact CS team via email: [email protected] or phone: 6537 7991, we will collect the goods in certain locations.
  3. We will provide free maintenance service for the non-deliberate damage product is under warranty, please show the valid invoice provided by the dealer and the warranty sticker on the packing, we have the right to reject your request if you are missing one of these. 
  4. The free warranty service does not cover or be rendered void if:
      • You found the product was damaged by scratches, rupture, bumping , foreign matter falling in, rats, pests, etc. after 7 days from the day of purchase.
      • Damage caused by service (including upgrade and expansions) performed by anyone who is not an authorized representative of BQEYZ; using the improper or excessive voltage tool (AMP / DAC / DAP etc)
      • Damage or failure or malfunction of BQEYZ product due to force majeure such as natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes, fires, floods, typhoons, lightning strikes, etc.).or other external causes;
      • Original and valid purchase invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) (i.e. altered or not in accordance with the product) cannot be provided
  5. A paid warranty service staring at $140HKD transport and checking fee.
  6. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become BQEYZ’s property.
  7. In case of any disputes, the decision of BQEYZ shall be final.

Special note:

(A valid invoice is an important document required for warranty service. To protect your rights, please ask the dealer for a formal invoice when purchasing the product. The invoice should clearly state the brand, model and date of sale of the product, and with stamp of the dealer. Keeping the invoice together with the warranty sticker will give you the convenience when asking for official repairs and consultations.)

(Customer should collect the repaired item within 30 days upon receiving notification from AGSOUND HK via phone/email/post. AGSOUND HK has the right to process the uncollected repaired item in whatever way after 90 days from notification)